Dear parents,

Today has been a special day in Vallclara that is called “Vallclarua” in polynesian. As yesterday the students found the crown of the king, today there weren’t Froggy Games. So, we slept until half past eight! Breakfast was as tasty as always and we enjoyed it by monitor’s group. The students went to class at ten o’clock for the first lesson and after the small break they did more English class.


Today’s lunch was spaghetti carbonara and meat which the children ate happily. After the third hour of English we all went to the swimming pool to refresh a little. We love this time of the day! Once we were back to the house, we had a snack and we did Olympics. The Eagles and the Foxes are competing for the first place in the Olympic’s competition. However, in the English Challenge the Geese are highlighting.

Once we got a shower, we went to the party: Polynesia! It is one of the best and most prepared parties of the term.

All the students were at the garden when the mawis’ head came and invited us to join the mawis in their village. Suddenly, Mr. Construction appeared in the scene saying that he was planning to build a sky scrapper in that area and he was determinated to do it. But first, he had to destroy the village and expel the natives. The inhabitants of the village decided to fight invoking the Gods. In order to do it properly, the students had to get the ingredients to do a poison that will wake up the Gods. Each ingredient was related to a proof that had to be done to get the ingredient.


The first was dancing the JAKA and you got soil as an ingredient. The second proof was the snake, a cooperation game of that consists of protecting each other of the balls thrown away by the monitor and they got Nesquik. The third proof was about agility and was passed by the teams easily. The last but not the least, was about constructing a path with bricks and learn how to go trough there. At the end, we got all the ingredients, did the poison and finally Mawis’ God Tutuki woke up and fighted with the Mawis against the constructors in order to preserve their village. All together, we expelled the men and recovered the peace at Mawis Village.

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Good night!