Good morning from Vallclara,

Today, we had outdoor breakfast and all the monitor’s group spread all around the house: glorieta, picnic tables, tennis court and basketball court. For breakfast, there were big croissants, donuts, muffins,.. and much more. Afterwards, the students went to class for more exciting English classes and ready to acquire new knowledge.

Today was Photos Day, so we all wore the white t-shirt and took photos by classes, by monitor’s group… We did a small break and continued learning for an hour and a half more, just until the lunch was ready. The lunch was delicious today, we had a typical Spanish paella!


In the afternoon, we went to the pool to do one of the most expected events in Vallclara: The Swimming Competition! This competition consists of swimming by teams and the team that goes quicker wins. At the end of the term, a price will be given to the quickest swimmer in the term. We had lots of fun swimming in the pool today! We took team photo and we all got into the pool. After, a photo of the monitors, directors and MP’s was taken and we went back home to do the whole school photo in front of the house.

Right after this, we took the snack prepared for today that was ham sandwich, and we put on our trainers in order to do Clubs and Olympics as usually. We had so much fun in the clubs today. In the music club for example we did the song of this house: I Love Vallclara! with several voices and sounds, all accompanied by two ukeleles and a guitar. In the Olympic games we continued the competition that it is close to come to an end. The competition is getting harder as the days pass and all the teams are doing their best in order to be the first. Today, the older children in the camp played first in order to have more time to get ready for the night’s party.


One of the most expected and oldest parties in English Summer is Oscar’s Night that has changed its name to Froggy Awards.

In this party, we dress our best suits and dresses and have a special dinner by couples. The dinner consisted of chicken wings, smiley chips, chicken fried balls and pizza, all cooked by our incredible cook. The couples could be a girl with a girl, a boy with a boy or a boy with a girl, and they sat down in long tables together. Although four couples had the pleasure of sitting alone in the VIP tables where they were served the firsts and they were interviewed during the dinner.


Once we had had dinner, the monitors and teachers gave some awards: to the funniest, the nicest, the happiest, the sleepy head… The students who were nominees standed up and the winner went to the stage to receive the diploma. The most important awards for us are the followings:

The historic who is the one that has been more years in Vallclara! “And the award goes to: Jan!” We also gave an award to miss and mister Vallclara who are the two most nice, funny, handsome/pretty students in the school. These awards went to Nerea and Javi!

Congratulations to all the students that received an award and to all the nominees.

Amazing day in Vallclara! Good night.

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