Dear parents,

Yesterday we welcomed all the students to our renovated and renewed Vallclara camp. The house has been entirely redecorated and improved for us and we are delighted to be here again. Our students came from all around Spain (Aragón, Mallorca, Catalunya…) and have met each other and have been introduced to their monitors and teachers.

This turn is divided in two weeks. In each ones there are some students who will do the check-out on 20th and others who will do it on 27th. This year we are less people at the house. Specifically there are just 26 students during the first week and 23 in the second one so we can call the 17V40 the exclusive camp! In this way all the students could learn as much in the lessons as in the rest of the day with all the monitors and MPs.

And of course, some of the students have been welcomed for the first time, while others have been coming for years and still return to the original and best, Vallclara.


After the welcome, all the students went with the teachers to do the exam. Then, our director Nazaret León told the students the rules and after that, we got together with the monitors to do «the personal». It means that each monitor with her or his group of students and with the MPs start to know each other while we are doing some games. Afterwards, we went to have dinner and later we continue with the personal but this time we did it all the camp together.


When we finished, we started the party giving some clues to the students to find some cards with letters around the house. When they found them we went into the theatre and there the children put them in order getting the word: froggy. After calling froggy some times, he appeared and gave us a speech which was translated from froggiand to English by one of our MPs.


Later, we did some great dances and we went all to sleep and to get ready for tomorrow!

Remember that we will be posting more information about the term in the blog and you can see updated pictures in the customer area. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.