Dear parents,
On their first day in Vallclara, the students woke up at half past 8 and started the day with some physical exercise: the Froggy Games. Once we had played some games, we went to the dining room to have a delicious breakfast of cereals, bread, fruits, …
At 10 o’clock the students were organised into the classes depending on the level demostrated in the exam on the previous day. After one hour and a half of class, the students had a break where they could buy crisps, fizzy drinks or ice cream using the cutting edge technology of the English Summer bracelets! The students finished the morning with some more English classes.
After having lunch the students had one hour more of English and then, we went to the village swimming pool before coming back to the house for a snack and to meet the Olympics teams. The Olympics is a competition where the students are placed in teams and play against each other, competing to be the best team of the term. Each team is made up of students of all ages and is coached by a monitor. In English Summer we have 8 teams: Bears, Bees, Dolphins, Eagles, Foxes, Geese, Turtles and Snakes but during this turn there are just 4 teams: Bears, Bees, Eagles and Snakes.
When they discovered which Olympics team they are in, each team went to a part of the house to know each other better, play some games and prepare the anthem with their monitor’s help.

After this, we had clubs: some different games played by teams in which the students can learn some values at the same time they are having fun. Yesterday’s clubs were drumbling and cooperative games. After that they had a shower and we went to have dinner.

The evening’s party was the Athletics’ night; a competition among teams that demostrated their abilities in four different games. Furthermore, all the teams had to dance to different songs in order to win dance points. After the Olympics had begun, the only thing that needs to be said is: Good luck!


We went to bed after an exhausting day, excited for the next one. Good night!

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