Good morning Vallclara!

Yesterday was a great day! When we woke up at half past 8, we put on our trainers and started the day doing Froggy Games. Afterwards, it was breakfast time and we got into the dining room. Once we had finished breakfast, we brushed our teeth, did our bed and went to class to start doing a little bit of grammar.36625092765_6493d11ac1_z

At 11:30, we had a small break and we could buy in the bar and start playing the World Championship. It is an individual competition of tennis, table tennis, batminton or chess where each student plays alone in order to win points for the Olympic teams.

After this break, the students went back to class. At 13:30, it was lunch time! Then they had an other hour of English and finally we went to the swimming pool. Yesterday was really hot and we needed go to take a dip.

When we returned, as always, we had a snack and then we had an hour of clubs that were drumblind and big games. After that, we had Olympics! All the chlidren are so implicated and really excited at the time they have to encourage their team.Olimpics-time-vallclara

After having dinner we got ready to start the party. It was a TV show one! Kids got a team with which they had to complete famous TV programmes challenges sush as pass the word, Kahoot, one to win, forbidden word and much more! In the Kahoot challenge all students were inside the theatre and had a tablet while geography questions were shown with the projector and kids used the electronic devices to answer the questions as fast as they could, a great way to integrate our modern devices with a fun game!


After so many activities we went to bed very tired in order to recharge our batteries for the next day!

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See you tomorrow!