Good morning parents!

The second week of the term started on Sunday and everyone was very nervous. But first, let us tell you how much our students enjoyed Sunday.

We started the day sleeping an extra hour to charge batteries. After breakfast, the students tidied up their rooms , letting them ready to welcome the new students who would join us this seven days we have. Once everything was clean, they played different cooperative games, such as basketball or football, and afterwards it was so hot that we went to the swimming pool for an hour and a half.

Nevertheless, we had to say goodbye to all the students leaving first. It was a sad moment and we just wanted to thank them for all the good moments. We hope to see you soon again. Don’t forget the magical moments we spent together!


The day before, half of the term went to PortAventura  and they were a bit tired, so after lunch they took their pillows and went to the theater, where they watched a film and took a nap.

Meanwhile, the monitors were setting up the house to receive the last term of the summer in the new house of Vallclara!



After saying goodbye to their parents, all the students did an exam to evaluate their English level. To introduce the new ones to our big family, we played different get-to-know games, such as the Psychologist or the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.


Sunday’s night party was… Talent Show! Our talented students showed how talented they were, and they made some performances that they had been practicing during the afternoon. To break the ice between them, the party started with an MP’s show called «This hands aren’t mine», which made the kids lose their mind and their shyness.


We are looking forward to start this adventure with you next to us and next to all this smiles day after day. As our motto says, learn english having fun.

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See you tomorrow!