Good morning parents! Yesterday in Vallclara we woke up specially happy. Sun was shining, so were you?

The second week has already started, and students are in their English lessons, ready to learn new things while having fun!


During the morning, the new students found out their english classes, where they will be receiving  lessons this last week of English Summer here in Vallclara.

After lessons, we went tothe swimming pool, where we played some music there, and we spent the whole hour learing all the term dances.


When we came back, we had a snack during the bar time. Afterwards, we did an hour of clubs. We were divided in two groups, seperated by Olympic teams. One of them consisted in painting each others faces as if they were clowns, and the student who did it most special and imaginative would win. The other club consisted in playing «scape room», where they had different clues and had to solve it.


Then we played an hour of Oympic games such as volleyball and baseball. They were all cheering up their teams as loud as they could to help them to get motivated and do it as best as they could.

Monday party was Polynesia and we dressed up all the students with straw skirts and we painted their faces with black paint. The aim of the party was to help the Maoris to keep Vallclarua, their village, away from Mr.Construction who wanted to destroy it and build up a casino instead. To help them, they had to do different competitions such as the Limbo or a game called «the floor is lava». We also did the Haka, were all the students had to dance by teams. Finally we hosted the Totem and he saved us from Mr. Construction.


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Keep it up!