Good morning parents! Welcome to another amazing day in Vallclara!

In the morning there weren’t Froggy Games, instead, there was breakfast by teams. The teams got into the dining room and enjoyed a special breakfast with their team companions.

After breakfast, the students went to class as every morning until break time where they could go to the bar or to play ping-pong for example.


After lunch,  the students went to their rooms to put on their bathing suit and we went to Vallclara’s swimming pool!

In the afternoon we changed the order of the activities. First of all, instead of clubs we did Olympics, where Bees played against Bears in football, and Snakes played against Eagles in basketball. Then we took advantage of the clubs’ time and went to the village to see a bird show which where we saw an owl and all the students were surprised to have seen an owl that close! It was a very special moment!


After the show which finished at 8.30p.m, we went back to the house and had dinner.

Tuesday party was Cluedo. The party consisted of grouping each team and solving different enigmas in order to find the king’s crown that was missing that kept all the children anxious to know the end throughout the night. Finally, the Bees found the suspect, the place and the tool and they could recover the crown.


It has been another amazing day full of fun, here in Vallclara!

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