Good morning parents!

On Tuesday we had an amazing school morning which consisted in an hour and a half of classes, where the students did some grammar. Then the students had half an hour of break, where they played basketball or had something to eat in the bar, such as chips or a coke, followed by another hour and a half of classes. Students started some group projects to practise their amazing skills.


Afterwards, we had lunch and an hour of classes. We played some Olympics but suddenly it started to rain. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the day! So we decided to play a Don’t Panic! game, where students had to cooperate between them to win.


A movie night was planned, but we had to seize the day as much as we could, so we did a nocturnal walking trip to the forest of Vallclarua! It was a chill-out moment that the kids needed, and they used it to talk about the day, feel the cold breeze of the mountains or to listen to the horrifying horror stories that our monitors had prepared!


We finished the day, and we are ready to face another amazing and sunny day!

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