Good Morning parents!

Thursday was a very special day… it was Froggy Awards Night!

We started the day waking up at 9 a.m. because we were all very tired from Wednesday’s trip. We put on our white t-shirts because it was the photos day!


During the morning the students continued with their English projects as well as practising their vocabulary.

After lessons, we took the team photos during the swimming pool time as well as the group photo! Nevertheless during that time, we did the swimming competition! Everyone was very nervous and we don’t know the results yet, but everyone did it amazingly well!


During the afternoon, the clubs had been suspended because we stayed longer in the swimming pool and we did only Olympics, where the Bees won both of the rotations! We only did an hour because we let the students go to their rooms and make the most of the time dressing up for the Oscars!

All the boys looked very handsome and all the girls were incredibly pretty with their dresses and their shirts.


It was time to start the gala, our students were very nervous and excited, went down in pairs to take photos in the photocall and sat down for dinner. A delicious dinner with pizza, chips, and cold starters… and all served by the monitors and teachers!

The decisions were not easy, since we would have liked to distribute Oscars to all our students. Everyone was nominated to an Oscar but only ten of them won it!


To end up the night, we danced some sad songs while hugging each other… the turn is ending up… some sad faces were there… we don’t want the turn to finish, it is creating really big and magic moments.

Finally we went to bed, prepared to enjoy these two magical days that we have in Vallclara.

Good night… tomorrow more!

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