Hello to everyone!!! I’m back to upload the news of what happened during the weekend here in Vallclara. We are very sad because on sunday 31 students left… we’ll miss them so much. Hope we see you next year!!

But first, let’s start explaining what we did on saturday. There were some of the kids that went to costa caribe or Portaventura during the day. They had lot of fun!! some of them enjoyed going through all the park and ridding all the roller costers and others were enjoying the costa caribe aquatic park where they had lots of slides.

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While the most of the students left, here in Vallclara stayed some of them. We also had lot of fun! we started the day a little bit later so we could sleep until 9. Then, we went straight to the swimming pool and played some games in the water. After, around 11:30 we did a little excursion in the mountain and we visited a cave that is near the house.


The best part of the day was after watching a film in the theatre, we did a water balloon fight! we also played some matches in a different way, we did monitors versus students battles! it was so fun!


At 8:30 the Portaventura and costa caribe students came back from the park and they took a shower and afterwards we went all together to the BBQ part!!

We had for dinner delicious food; we ate some bbq ribs, some sausages and rosted potatoes. AS the day after some of the students were leaving, we did a little ceremony to say good bye to all of them. It was a beatiful night, we switched the lights off and we were able to see all the stars and the moonlight. We putted some music and some tears started to fall.

The day after, by 10:00 everyone who was leaving had their packages ready, and the teacher and students prectised the song which they sang during the parents ceremony.


At 12:00 started and everyone was happy to see their parents but at the same time say because they had to leave.While the parents who where picking their children the other students went to the pool and to the village bar.After lunch we welcomed the 29 new students who were so excited to come to spend a week with us. it was greatful to recieve all the new kids that will be with us this incredible week.

After they did the level exam, the new and the old students met each other with the monitor and polayed some integration games. After dinner it was the welcome to froggyland party!! The monitors lost the clue to see where the froggy family was. So all the children had to look for letters around the garden to see which word was hidding. After a lot of effort they finally found it and the Froggy family appeared.

We all together did some dances and at 23:00 it was sleeping time. Everyone is so excited about tomorrow…

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Thank you so much and hope you had an amazing weekend, I’ll be uploading everyday the blog, see you tomorrow!!!