Good Morning to all of you!! I hope you are having a great summer. Here in vallclara the new term of our summer camps has started and the new students started the English classes. The kids that were here from last week it has been a lillte bit harder to start over again the classes after the amazing weekend that we had however they are having lot of fun!!


Yesterday’s party was the olympic night party! It’s always one of the firsts parties because the sports team have the oportunity to meet each other and do team-building.


The day strated with the famous froggy games to wake all the children up. As it was the photos day all the students were wearing the corporative t-shirts. During breakfast, the English clases and lunch they were waring the white t-shirt and during the swimming pool time and the clubs and olympic games they were wearing each team’s t-shirt. They all came out pretty handsome.

IMG_0330 IMG_0341 IMG_0342

Yesterday we tried for the first time the new karts that we have, they had an amazing time all together competing between them to see who was the fastest. We also did some yoga. It was so relaxing.


After they had all a shower and dinner it was time to start the party! they splitted by the sports teams and went in the theatre to the the presentation of the games. Later an incredible dancers group did an astonishing performance that everyone were patidifuse.

The monitors organized different activities that the teams had to do to see who was the best. After a lot of effort and perseverence the Turtles finally got the first place!!! congrats Turtles you did it great! Before going to sleep the kids were still super motivated so we danced the vallclara term songs.


By 23:00 more or less we went to our bedrooms to rest for the next day and be prepared to see what will come next! Thank you parents to read everyday our blog and to follow us in the English Summer social media (facebook, instagram, twitter)

See you tomorrow!