Good morning to all of you!!! Hope you are having a nice week, here in vallclara we are amazed on how good everything is going.

Yesterday it was a really warm day so we were all day hydriting ourselves and being all day in the shade. The day started warming up with the super cool Froggy Games at 8:15 0’clock in the morning.

We did the everday schedule, English classes, Clubs, and…. instead of doing the olympic games, we did Athletics!!



After coming from the clubs, we did some disciplines such as javelin, long jump, shot put and activity circuit. It was so fun and competitive.

IMG_0584 IMG_0592

Then, it was time to take a shower and everybody dressed up based on the high school musical movie!! Yesterday’s party was disco party!!

We did some games that consisted on dancing and singing a lot as the characters in the film did.


Different groups were splitted and they had to dance over a paper and song after song the paper was getting smaller. Another game was to try to thing as much songs with a specific letter as possible. love songs, happy songs…. there was so much creativity.


They also enjoyed some performance from the staff members. One performance was prepared by the monitors and the other one by the teacher. There were so good!!

After the games, the dances and performances it was time to go to sleep. Everybody were super tired as they dances and sweated a lot. All kids felt asleep really easy and at 23:30 there was no a noice.

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See you tomorrow!!