Hello to everyone!! Welcome back to our blog. Today’s post we’ll be explaining the incredible day we had yesterday.

We started the day by having an especial breakfast, we had a pijama’s breakfast!!! Everyone was wearing their pijamas in the dinning room and it was so funny!!


Afterwards the day was progressing normally, we did the English classes, then we had lunch and finally it was swimming pool time. We had a surprise before going to the pool, it was time for the floam party!!! We went to the tennis court and we put music and of course the floam! It was crazy how happy all the kids were in there.


Later we also went to the swimming pool and instead of doing clubs after we did 2 rotations of olympic games and finished before as the formal dress night started at  8:30. So, the children had a little more time to get ready and put all the fancy dresses on.


The night started making a toast all together to thank all the effort that everyone is doing for having this amazing term. Then, the staff served all the food to the kids. We had a delicious dinner that all of the students and also the staff members enjoyed a lot.


Finally the awards ceremony came and all the children were really nervious to see who would win each oscar. Pau, the director of the schol and Pablo, the monitor’s director presented the awards and they called all nominees, once they were standing up of the chair they say who the winner was.

The most important award for us is the miss and the mister, and the winner of miss and misters of Vallclara 2019 were…. Abril Berie and Paul Ranedo! Congrats guys, you deserved a lot!


Everyone took a lot of photos at the photo call that you will be able to see in our album in flickr. And also the professional photografer that he will be selling the photos at the end of the term.

IMG_0787 IMG_0813

At 23:00 we finished the ceremony and all of us were really tired, it was time to go to the bedroom to sleep and all the kids had nearly their eyes closed.

Thank you very much for reading us and we hope we have an amazing weekend. The term is finishing and we are very sad, but we stil have 2 more days that we’ll be taking advantage of.

See you tomorrow!