Dear Parents the term is nearly finished and all the students are enjoying so much the last days in Vallclara, we are having an amazing parties and moments all together.

Yesterday we had another incredible day, we started having an outdoor breakfast where all the kids were eating all the bakery and juices we prepared for them. Everyone had a place around the garden to be with their friends and have breakfast together.

IMG_0874 IMG_0879

Here in English Summer, on Fridays is Exam day and all the students were a little bit nervious to see how would go. We know they did their best in the exam.

Afterwards we had lunch and we did the everyday scheulde, pool time, clubs and olympic games.


After having a shower and dinner it was time to start the exciting night. Harry potter’s enigmatic game!!! all the children went to the theatre to see the introduction video where the Harry Potter characters showed what happened in Hogwarts.


Someone stole Harry Potter’s wand and the teams had to pass the riddles. Finally the Turtles team won and found out who took Harry’s wand. Congrats Turtles! you are doing so good!

Tomorrow is portaventura day so we went to sleep earlier as the kids that will be leaving will wake up at 7:45 in the morning. The rest of the children will be having a exciting but also a relaxing day here in Vallclara.

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See you tomorrow!